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  • MLROs.com was founded in December 2005 by our Chairman, Ben Hur - with 140 members, to address the need for a quality forum and facility for financial crime and compliance professionals.


    Since those early days, MLROs.com has grown at a furious pace driven by Ben’s enthusiasm for the profession and drive to bring as many practising financial crime professionals together, to support one another and improve the quality standards in this extremely tough and ever changing working environment. MLROs.com is now undoubtedly the premier industry lead forum for financial crime practitioners, however the story doesn’t end there for us!


    As the pressures of the tasks and requirements placed on professionals in the field continue to grow at an ever increasing pace, driven by the continuing growth of the regulatory burden and the financial criminals continued determination to ply their nefarious trade with increasing sophistication and regularity, MLROs.com is stepping up to the task to ensure that each and every financial crime professional is educated, supported and empowered.

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